Wicked Tour in Denver Buell Theatre, Colorado : Tickets and Musical Dates

The production of Wicked will run at the Denver Center for the Arts at the Buell Theatre beginning July 24 and running through August 9, 2024.

The play “Wicked” has won 26 major awards. Among them are three Tony Awards and a Grammy Award. ‘Wicked’ tells the untold story of the witches of Oz. Before Dorothy gets to Oz, two girls meet there. One is flashy, misunderstood, intelligent, and has emerald green skin. The other girl is ambitious, popular and very beautiful. The movie Wicked tells the story of how these two girls become friends and become the good witch Glinda and the wicked witch of the West.

Variety magazine called “Wicked” a “cultural phenomenon.” The musical is based on the book by Gregory Maguire. Lyrics and music are by Stephen Schwartz, and the book was written by Winnie Holtzman. “Wicked” is directed by Joe Mantello, with music design by Wayne Cilento. The producers of the production are John B. Platt, Mark Platt, David Stone, Universal Pictures and Araca Group.

Wicked Buell Theatre

Wicked Tickets Denver

Get yourself tickets to the best seats for Wicked Denver 2024 and be among the throngs of fans eagerly awaiting this magnificent musical. Don’t miss this highly anticipated performance, it is guaranteed to enchant you. Immerse yourself in the magical realm of witches in Denver and embark on a journey where magic defies the laws of physics and friendship changes fate. Hurry up, because tickets are selling like hotcakes!

Date & Time Tickets
Jul 24 Wed 7:30PM 2024
Jul 25 Thu 2:00PM 2024
Jul 25 Thu 7:30PM 2024
Jul 26 Fri 7:30PM 2024
Jul 27 Sat 2:00PM 2024
Jul 27 Sat 7:30PM 2024
Jul 28 Sun 2:00PM 2024
Jul 28 Sun 7:30PM 2024
Jul 30 Tue 7:30PM 2024
Jul 31 Wed 7:30PM 2024
Aug 01 Thu 7:30PM 2024
Aug 02 Fri 7:30PM 2024
Aug 03 Sat 2:00PM 2024
Aug 03 Sat 7:30PM 2024
Aug 04 Sun 2:00PM 2024
Aug 04 Sun 7:30PM 2024
Aug 06 Tue 7:30PM 2024
Aug 07 Wed 7:30PM 2024
Aug 08 Thu 7:30PM 2024
Aug 09 Fri 7:30PM 2024
Aug 10 Sat 2:00PM 2024
Aug 10 Sat 7:30PM 2024
Aug 11 Sun 2:00PM 2024
Aug 11 Sun 7:30PM 2024
Aug 13 Tue 7:30PM 2024
Aug 14 Wed 7:30PM 2024
Aug 15 Thu 7:30PM 2024
Aug 16 Fri 7:30PM 2024
Aug 17 Sat 2:00PM 2024
Aug 17 Sat 7:30PM 2024
Aug 18 Sun 2:00PM 2024
Aug 18 Sun 7:30PM 2024
Aug 20 Tue 7:30PM 2024
Aug 21 Wed 7:30PM 2024
Aug 22 Thu 7:30PM 2024
Aug 23 Fri 7:30PM 2024
Aug 24 Sat 2:00PM 2024
Aug 24 Sat 7:30PM 2024
Aug 25 Sun 2:00PM 2024
Aug 25 Sun 7:30PM 2024

Wicked Seating Chart at The Buell Theatre

The Buell Theatre Wicked Seating Chart

Video of the Wicked arriving in Denver

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