Facebook App Lets You Elphaba Your Profile Picture

The “Wicked” Broadway production continues selling like gangbusters after running for almost seven years. Box office data shows that this year’s attendance for the musical has not dropped under 90% seating capacity at Gershwin Theater, one of Broadway’s biggest houses.

Apparently, even for Broadway hit musicals with no signs of closing, too much promotion is no such thing. A simple photo online application has been put together by the “Wicked” people which lets you “Ephalba” your profile on Facebook.

Isn’t that intriguing? The application allows you to upload a profile photo or yours from Facebook (or any picture you have on your computer’s hard drive) and turn your skin to green like Ephalba. You can choose among a couple different “Wicked” picture frames to complete your photo.

The application is quite cumbersome and crude to use. However “Wicked” fans will certainly find it at least mildly entertaining. If you feel a bit wicked inside, no one can keep you from greening downloaded photos of your classroom or office frenemies.

By Julie Harmon On October 28, 2010

All photos made available via creative commons licensing courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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