Is a ‘Wicked’ Movie in the Works?

It’s kind of a surprise that this hasn’t happened until now. Variety has reported that a movie based on Wicked, the Broadway musical, is finally being made.

For those who haven’t seen Wicked, it turns The Wizard of Oz story on its head. Wicked tells the familiar classic story from the Wicked Witch’s perspective. It turns out she isn’t really all that evil, but misunderstood and horribly mistreated.

The producer Marc Platt is shepherding the movie version at Universal. Platt helped to make ‘Wanted’ happened and is working on ‘Wanted 2.’ The stage version of Wicked is a huge hit. In another decade, it is probable that it will be seen in a similar way to Phantom of the Opera. Platt should have no problem getting people to go to the movie to watch it.

Don’t look now but there is even a Facebook page setup for the forthcoming film. Check it out and become a fan.

By Julie Harmon On January 13, 2009

All photos made available via creative commons licensing courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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