Louise Dearman, Former Glinda Becomes Elphaba on Broadway

Louise Dearman is moving from good witch into bad withc. This fall the actress will be making history when she assumes the role of Elphaba, the green-skinned witch, in “Wicked” at Apollos Victoria Theatre in the West End starting October 29, 2012. Previously Dearman played the role of Glinda in this alternate Oz story. Dearman will become the first actress who has performed both “Wicked” starring roles over the course of the almost ten year history in the import Broadway musical.

Dearman said, as actresses we strive to challenge outselves to perform in as many different roles as we can throughout our careers. I feel right now like I am the luckiest woman in musical theatre history. I can’t believe I will be in “Wicked” again in two months. However this time I will not be coming and going via the Bubble. Instead I will be riding a broomstick.

Michael McCabe, UK executive producer, said, audiences already know, after her outstanding performance as Glinda, that Louise has incredible acting abilities and a stunning voice. We genuinely are exciting about her returning as Elphaba in “Wicked.” We’ve been in awe with how Louise has been able to channel her amazing talent to perform this iconic role. I’m absolutely confindent that audiences will also be as thrilled as we are.

In addition to Wicked’s Glinda, the the main musical theater roles for Dearman have included Evita’s Eva Person, Cats’ Grizabella and Guys and Dolls’ Sarah Brown. Dearman has also released two albums, which includes the recent release of “Here Comes The Sun.”

“Wicked” had its Broadway opening in October 2003 and premiered on the West End at Apollo Victoria Theatre in 2006, where to date it has been viewed by more than 4.5 million theater goers. The musical tells the Glinda and Elphaba’s untold story from the land of Oz. Winnie Holtzman wrote the book for the musical based on the novel by Gregory MacGuire. Joe Mantello isthe director and lyrics and music are from Stephen Schwartz.

The London company currently is led by Rachael Tucker played Elphaba, Gina Beck in the role or Glinda and Fiyero portrayed by Matt Willis.

By Julie Harmon On August 3, 2012

All photos made available via creative commons licensing courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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