Buell Theatre in Denver, Colorado Presents the Wicked Tour: Explore Ticket Information and Musical Dates

Are you an avid enthusiast of the Tony Award-winning musical Wicked? Exciting news awaits as Wicked Denver is set to grace the stage in 2024! This globally acclaimed musical is a highly anticipated event for theaters worldwide, and Denver audiences can anticipate an extraordinary performance.

From the clever lyrics to the mesmerizing music, every moment of Wicked at the Buell Theatre at Denver Center for the Performing Arts promises to captivate audiences. If you’re seeking a magical evening filled with joy and laughter, secure your tickets for Wicked Denver 2024 without delay. Prepare to be swept away by phenomenal singing and dancing as Elphaba’s tale of friendship and adventure unfolds on the iconic Buell Theatre stage!

Wicked Tour in Denver Buell Theatre

Wicked Denver 2024

Save the date as Wicked makes its way to Denver, gracing the stage at the Buell Theater from 07/24/24 to 08/25/24. The Buell Theater, a vibrant cornerstone of Denver’s art scene, serves as the ideal setting for this unforgettable performance. Whether you’re a seasoned fan or a newcomer to the enchanting world of Oz, Wicked at the Buell guarantees to captivate and inspire audiences of all ages. The timeless themes of friendship, acceptance, and the strength found in standing up for one’s beliefs remain as relevant as ever!

Wicked Tickets Denver

Ensure your tickets for Wicked Denver 2024 and be part of the thousands who will come together to witness this exceptional production. Don’t let this limited-time engagement pass you by; it guarantees to leave you entranced and yearning for more. Immerse yourself in the enchanting magic of Wicked in Denver and find yourself transported to a world where witches defy gravity, and friendships shape the course of history.

Date & Time Tickets
Jul 24 Wed 7:30PM
Jul 25 Thu 2:00PM
Jul 25 Thu 7:30PM
Jul 26 Fri 7:30PM
Jul 27 Sat 2:00PM
Jul 27 Sat 7:30PM
Jul 28 Sun 2:00PM
Jul 28 Sun 7:30PM
Jul 30 Tue 7:30PM
Jul 31 Wed 7:30PM
Aug 01 Thu 7:30PM
Aug 02 Fri 7:30PM
Aug 03 Sat 2:00PM
Aug 03 Sat 7:30PM
Aug 04 Sun 2:00PM
Aug 04 Sun 7:30PM
Aug 06 Tue 7:30PM
Aug 07 Wed 7:30PM
Aug 08 Thu 7:30PM
Aug 09 Fri 7:30PM
Aug 10 Sat 2:00PM
Aug 10 Sat 7:30PM
Aug 11 Sun 2:00PM
Aug 11 Sun 7:30PM
Aug 13 Tue 7:30PM
Aug 14 Wed 7:30PM
Aug 15 Thu 7:30PM
Aug 16 Fri 7:30PM
Aug 17 Sat 2:00PM
Aug 17 Sat 7:30PM
Aug 18 Sun 2:00PM
Aug 18 Sun 7:30PM
Aug 20 Tue 7:30PM
Aug 21 Wed 7:30PM
Aug 22 Thu 7:30PM
Aug 23 Fri 7:30PM
Aug 24 Sat 2:00PM
Aug 24 Sat 7:30PM
Aug 25 Sun 2:00PM
Aug 25 Sun 7:30PM

Wicked Denver Buell Theater 2024: Seating Chart

Examine the seating chart and select your preferred seats for the Wicked musical in Denver. Act quickly as tickets are selling rapidly!
Wicked Denver Buell Theater Seating Chart

Denver Buell Theater Wicked – How To Get There

Denver Center, 1350 Curtis St, Denver, CO 80202

Watch The Wicked Video Denver

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