Wicked Pulls in Over $2 Million Thanksgiving Weekend, Breaks Broadway Record

For Broadway this week was huge.

Tourists came to NYC for Thanksgiving and sales on Broadway sky rocketed.

On Sunday, “Spider-Man, Turn Off the Dark” hauled in $200,606 for the first preview performance. However, the weekend’s clear winner was “Wicked.” The hit musical this week earned $2,150,665, which is the highest one week total in the history of Broadway.

All top 10 shows brought in more than one million dollars. A house record was broken by “The Lion King,” which brought in $1,870,565. “Elf” pulled in $1,406,283, with a 63% increase from the prior week.

“The Addams Family” brought in $1,299,371, while “Promises, Promises” earned $1,077,802. Rounding out the top ten were “Mary Poppins” with $1,206,630 in earnings, “The Phantom of the Opera” with $1024,656, and finally “The Merchant of Venice” earned $1,160,360.

By Julie Harmon On November 21, 2011

All photos made available via creative commons licensing courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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