Ticket Lottery Set for Wicked Orlando Performances

The Bob Carr Performing Arts Centre has announced that 2 ½ hours before each performance of “Wicked”, a lottery will be held to determine who will get tickets for a set number of seats in the orchestra section. The show is set to run between February 23 and March 27, 2001. Patrons who want a chance at the seats must show up in person at the box office to have their names put into the lottery drum. The names of the lucky people will be drawn ½ hour later for seats in the orchestra that will be priced at $25 per seat. The chosen few will be required to pay in cash and only two tickets for each person are allowed to be purchased.

Variety said the musical was “a Cultural phenomenon,” and The New York Times called it “the defining musical of the decade.” “Wicked” keeps on pleasing theater patrons all over the globe. Right now, seven productions of the play are running. Two of them are touring in North America, one is running on Broadway, one is in London, one is in Japan, one is in Germany, and one is in Australia. A Dutch version of “Wicked” is slated to debut in 2011.

The first performance for “Wicked” will be on February 23 and the finale will be on March 27, 2011.

By Julie Harmon On February 19, 2011

All photos made available via creative commons licensing courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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