Wicked Opens Australian National Tour in Adelaide

On Friday, the Australian “Wicked” production opened in Adelaide as part of their National Tour.

“Wicked” will play at Festival Theatre until at least May 26.

According to a report from AdelaideNow, at the media preview yesterday Bert Newton quizzed producer John Frost about the amount of money being made by the show.

Frost said, this show is breaking Adelaide house records.

We currently have advance bookings of $6 million. So if anyone tries to say audiences in Adelaide won’t pay, they’re wrong.

Starring in the production are Jemma Rix as Elphaba, Wicked Witch of the West, and Lucy Durack as Glinda, Good Witch of the North, David Harris plays Fiyero.

By Julie Harmon On April 16, 2011

All photos made available via creative commons licensing courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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