Wicked New York | Gershwin Theatre

Wicked is one of Broadway’s most successful and beloved musicals. Wicked has been stealing the hearts of theatre goers since it first opened at New York’s Gershwin Theatre in 2003. There isn’t a box office record it has yet to dismantle, and its success has spawned shows from Chicago to LA as well as two national touring companies that criss-cross North America, spreading the gospel of the witches of Oz. If you are in New York and a Broadway show is topping your to-do list then you have to consider this dazzling musical. From its Stephen Schwartz songbook to its spectacular stage design, Wicked fascinates its audience at every turn. There is a reason Wicked tickets always sell out well in advance because this show is an unquestionable can’t miss.

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By Julie Harmon On March 16, 2009

All photos made available via creative commons licensing courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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