Wicked Indianapolis | Murat Theatre

Wicked will be coming to Murat Theatre in Indianapolis, Indiana from December 15, 2010 through January 1, 2011. Wicked was last in Indianapolis on June 3 – 21, 2009 playing Murat Theatre. Tickets will go onsale to the general public through Ticketmaster on October 15.

2010 Wicked Indianapolis Cast: Vicki Noon (Elphaba), Natalie Daradich (Glinda), Marilyn Caskey (Madade Morrible) and Don Amendolia (The Wizard).

Visit Wicked Indianapolis for more information including news, seating charts & general information.

Wicked was last in Indianapolis, Indiana playing the Murat Theatre from June 3 – 21, 2009. Wicked tickets for the Indianapolis show were sold through Ticketmaster.

The 2009 Wicked Indianapolis cast was comprised of Marci Dodd (Elphaba) and Heléne Yorke (Glinda), Marilyn Caskey (Madame Morrible), Tom McGowan (Wizard), Colin Donnell (Fiyero), Ted Ely, (Boq), Kristine Reese (Nessarose), David De Vries (Dr. Dillamond).

By Julie Harmon On March 15, 2010

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